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Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith (1927 - 2013)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Chuck Smith in text and pdf format. Pastor Chuck was used in the Jesus People revival where he was used along with others to minister to the hippy young people. They saw a work of the Spirit where many were added to the church and discipled. He has raised up many pastors who are a part of the Calvary Chapel movement now and where he pastors the large Costa Mesa church in California.

The Calvary Chapel movement is based of simple principles that Chuck Smith taught over the years such as: The priority of agape love, Simple fellowship amongst the saints, the breaking of bread, the teaching of God's word chapter by chapter and verse by verse. And lastly and most importantly the principle not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord.

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I Chronicles 29:9
      "GIVING TO GOD" I. HOW TO GIVE TO GOD. A. There is an art to giving. Listed as a gift of the Spirit in Romans 12. 1. By the way some gifts are given, you want to say "keep it, who needs it." ... read more

I Chronicles 4:9
      "THE PRAYER OF JABEZ" Intro: Jabez means sorrow. Rather mean name to tag on a kid. His mother bare him with sorrow. Perhaps a birth defect. Sorrow often creates a depth of character, forces one to pray. I. "AND JABEZ CALLED ON THE ... read more

I Kings 10:9
      Intro: Visit of Queen from ....... journey of 1500 miles. Came in quest of wisdom. Her visit alluded to by Christ. Her astonishment of Solomon-Wisdom. "he told her all her questions" "House that he built, the meat of his table, 1 ... read more

I Kings 14:1
      "HEAVY TIDINGS" Intro: God has methods of gaining man's attention, a man may seek to replace God, but in trouble. I. AN OCCASIONAL HEARER. A. Jeroboam and his wife did not go often to Ahilah. 1. They had set up the two mol ... read more

I Kings 14:6
      "HEAVY TIDINGS" Intro: Jeroboam was the first king over Israel. He set up two golden calves; one in Bethel, the other in Dan His son became sick so he had his wife disguise herself and go to the aged prophet Ahijah who was now blind. I. THE FOL ... read more

I Kings 17:7
      "THE DEATH OF A NATION" Intro: In 721 B.C., Israel ceased to exist as a nation The Assyrians had carried them away as captives The once great and Godly nation has fallen. What brought death to this nation? I. GOD'S INDICTMENT A ... read more

I Kings 18
      "THE GOD WHO ANSWERS BY FIRE" I. ISRAEL'S CONDITION. A. Completely backslidden. 1. 450 Prophets for BaaI. 2. One for God. B. Inward corruption about to ruin nation. C. Hearts alienated from G ... read more

I Kings 18:21
      Evil reign of Ahab & Jezebel. I. THE CLASSES ON MT. CARMEL. A. The prophet of God. B. The prophets of BaaI 450 Asereth 400. C. The halting multitude (between two opinions, undecided.. D. Times have changed, but still ... read more

I Kings 19:8
      "WHAT DOEST THOU HERE" Intro: Elijah had lust experienced one of the greatest victories of his career. Fire from heaven. I. WHAT DOEST THOU HERE. A. He was in the wilderness of Mt. Horeb. 1. About as desolate and u ... read more

I Kings 19:9
      "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Intro: Elijah challenged the prophets of Baal and Ashtoreh to a contest. Because of his victory, wicked Queen Jezebel has threatened his life and he has fled in fear all the way to Mt. Horeb. I. "WHAT ARE ... read more

I Kings 3:11
      "SO MUCH MORE" I. GOD DESIRES FELLOWSHIP WITH MAN. A. This is the reason why He created man. 1. His heart of love yearned to bestow itself. 2. Love had to be meaningful, thus man had to be self-determinate. B. Sin br ... read more

I Kings 8:22
      "THE INCOMPARABLE GOD" Intro: Solomon, king of Israel was kneeling in the magnificent tempt he had lust built to worship God. 900 yrs. earlier God had called Abraham from the polytheistic Babylon. I. "JEHOVAH GOD OF ISRAEL, NO GOD ... read more

I Kings 8:39
      "GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART" Intro: This thought may bring you comfort or uneasiness. In the scriptures the heart represents that deepest area of your being. As the mind is considered the seat of the soul, so the heart is considered ... read more

I Samuel 10:6
      "THE SPIRIT FILLED LIFE" Intro: Israel's clamor for a king. Saul's appointment. Natural qualfications - great physique, courageous, wealthy family, modest person. These all from natural side. Samuel speaks to him of the divine qualifica ... read more

I Samuel 12:13
      "THOU ART THE MAN" Intro: David, though called "a man after God's own heart" was far from perfect. Sin with Bathsheba. Thought he had covered his guilt. I. THE PARABLE OF NATHAN. A. David's anger kindled. 1. How evi ... read more

I Samuel 12:22
      "THE SIN OF PRAYERLESSNESS" Intro: This had been a day of national failure, the nation through the insistence of the people degraded from a theocracy to monarchy. Insisting on second best, they had just seen the signs of God's displeasu ... read more

I Samuel 13:14
      "GOD'S SEARCH" Intro: God could accomplish His work on this earth apart from man, but He has chosen not to. I. GOD'S QUEST FOR A MAN. A. God seeks to work in the world today. 1. The world desperately needs God's help. ... read more

I Samuel 17:36
      "THE GIANT KILLER" Intro: Much said about David's conquest of giant. David's word battle with brothers and king more trying ordeal than fighting giant. More trouble with depressing influence of friends. Eliab chided, David answered with ... read more

I Samuel 17:45
      "GOD'S SALVATION" I. DAVID'S CONFIDENCE IN THE LORD'S DELIVERANCE. "THIS DAY WILL THE LORD DELIVER THEE INTO MY HANDS." A. Where did he get such confidence? 1. He knew it was the Lord's, "the battle is the Lord's." ... read more

I Samuel 1:15
      "POURING OUT YOUR SOUL TO GOD" I. "I AM A WOMAN OF SORROWFUL SPIRIT." A. She had come to the place of weeping all the time. 1. She had stopped eating. 2. Her husband didn't understand her. ... read more

I Samuel 20:6
      "TURNED INTO ANOTHER MAN" I. "THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD WILL COME UPON THEE." A. What a belssed priviledge! 1. Think of it - God's Spirit upon man. 2. "Your body the temple of the Holy Spirit." B. What a ... read more

I Samuel 26:21
      "PLAYING THE FOOL" I. A LOOK AT THE MAN. A. 9:2 - A choice young man and goodly. 1. Tremendous physique. 2. Looks aren't everything. B. Good family life - 9:5. C. Humble - 9:21. II. OPPORT ... read more

I Samuel 2:9
      HANNAH BARREN, PRAYS, VOWS, ANSWERED, FULFILLED I. "HE WILL KEEP THE FEET OF HIS SAINTS." A. From what will He deep the feet of His saints? 1. Straying - "Ps. 37:23 "The steps of a good man." 2. Falling - "Now ... read more

I Samuel 30:20
      "DAVID'S SPOIL" Intro: David's men in despair, thought of stoning him. David type of Christ. I. ALL THE SPOIL WAS DAVID'S, ALL THE GOOD WE ENJOY COMES TO US THROUGH CHRIST. A. Without Him we can do nothing. B. The spoil ... read more

I Samuel 30:6
      I SAMUEL 30:6 "ENCOURAGE YOURSELF IN THE LORD" Intro: David and his men had gone to help king Achish in battle. When they returned to Ziglag they found the city burned and families gone. David's men turned on him and spoke of stoni ... read more

I Samuel 4:3
      "THE FOLLY OF RELIGION" Intro: Mistake - they wanted Lord in their midst. They thought that the symbol of His presence enough to insure victory,. Man is a spirit, he inhabits a body possessing a soul. Integrated-interrelated. ... read more

I Samuel 7:12
      "FACING THE NEW YEAR" I. "HITHERTO HATH THE LORD HELPED US -- LOOKING BACK." A. The Bible states that the final world governing empire will be a federation of 10 European countries. 1. This past month, it was anno ... read more

II Chronicles 12:14
      "SEEKING THE LORD" Intro: King Reheboam was a disappointment. Though his father Solomon was wise, he was very foolish, and because of his folly the kingdom was divided. When we see a man who has been given splendid adv ... read more

II Chronicles 14:11
      "HELP US O LORD" Intro: At the beginning of his reign, Asa was a good king. He instituted spiritual reforms, he had an army of 450 thousand men. Word came that their land was being invaded by Zerah, the Ethiopian, with a milli ... read more

II Chronicles 15:2
      I. THE LORD IS WITH YOU WHILE YOU BE WITH HIM. A. God desires fellowship with us. B. God desires to help us. 1. As much as we allow Him, lie will bless us. C. This is a glorious promise. 1. We n ... read more

II Chronicles 16:7
      "RELYING ON GOD" I. THE IMPORTANCE OF RELYING ON GOD. A. Asa began his career as king with spiritual reformation. 1. He rid the land of the images and places of worship of the false gods. 2 ... read more

II Chronicles 16:9
      "HOW GOD GIVES" I. HOW MAN GIVES . . . 3 BASIC TYPES. A. Those who are urged and properly impressed. B. Those who desire and wait only to hear need. C. Those who are looking for place to invest. II. HOW GOD GIVES. ... read more

II Chronicles 20:14
      "GOD'S METHOD OF VICTORY" I. THE PROBLEM A. Judah was being invaded by-a confederacy of nations. 1. They were hopelessly outnumbered. 2. There were no human solutions. 3. They became dismayed ... read more

II Chronicles 20:22
      "VICTORY THROUGH PRAISE" I. THE SITUATION. A. Word has come of an invasion by several nations. 1. They are advancing against Judah from the dead sea area of EnGedi. B. Jehoshaphat the King feared f ... read more

II Chronicles 22:1
      "THE THRESHING FLOOR OF ORNAN" Intro: David looking for sight to erect temple - a place to build alter - a place for ark. Jehovah - Jireh - in that Mt. shall the Lord be where Abraham offered His son as sacrifice - there sacrif ... read more

II Chronicles 33
      "MANASSEH" Intro: One of the most evil of all kings of Judah. I. MANASSEH IN HIS SIN. A. Sin against early training. 1. Father Hezekiah prayed for extension of life - God granted 15 years in 3rd year Man ... read more

II Chronicles 33:11
      "BETTER SOONER THAN LATER" Intro: Manasseh had come from a good background. His father Hezekiah was one of the greatest kings in Judah. Many good reforms. I. MANASSEH REBELLED AGAINST JEHOVAH GOD. A. His was not just careless indif ... read more

II Chronicles 36:15
      "NO REMEDY" Intro: "We have now arrived at the end of the glory of the nations of Judah." I. LESSONS TO BE LEARNED FROM HISTORY. A. "And as long as he sought the LORD, He made His ways to prosper." 1. ... read more

II Chronicles 7:13
      "NATIONAL SICKNESS - ITS CAUSE AND CURE" Intro: Our nation is obviously sick. Democratic convention; racial strife; riots; rising crime rates; extensive drug use; loosening or moral standards; all are symptoms. Where were the peace ma ... read more

II Chronicles 7:14
       "WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN" Intro: This passage of scripture is God's direct response to Solomon's prayer of dedication of the Temple. I. "I WILL HEAR FROM HEAVEN." A. This is a glorious promise of God. 1. It always ... read more

II Chronicles 9:1
      I. VISIT OF SOLOMON BY QUEEN OF SHEBA. A. Purpose of visit - vs. 1. B. Discovery of visit - vs. 2-4. C. Result of visit - vs. 8. II. "LET YOUR LIGHT SO SHINE." A. Fine balance of believer's life. 1. ... read more

II Kings 14:10
      "MEDDLING" Intro: Amaziah at age of 25 began to reign over Judah. He defeated the Edomites and took rock city of Petra. I. HIS CHALLENGE TO JEHOASH KING OF ISRAEL TO FIGHT. A. Times of great victories are often times of great dange ... read more

II Kings 14:8
      THE DANGER OF MEDDLING Intro: Amaziah was 25 when he became king. He successfully put down the Edomites. He then started looking for trouble. Challenged Jehoahaz. I. THE NATURAL TENDENCY TO MEDDLE. A. God gives to us some spiritu ... read more

II Kings 17
      IDOLATRY - ITS CAUSES & CURE Intro: The nation Israel is no more cities destroyed; men murdered; women ravished; remainder taken captive why? Idolatry. Idol - "that upon which the affections are passionately set." Covetousnes ... read more

II Kings 18:1
      A THING OF BRASS I. THE HISTORY OF THE BRASS (Num.21.. A. The people were murmuring against God and rebelling against His authority. 1. The Lord sent serpents of fire into the camp and many were ... read more

II Kings 18:4
      "NEHUSHTAN" A. Hezekiah's ascension and action "broke in pieces B. History of brazen serpent. 1. Israel's complaining. 2. Snake pits. 3. Brazen serpent. C. Preservation of braze ... read more

II Kings 19:14
      Intro: Our lives are filled with stress and pressure situations, we learn to adjust and live with it. There invariably comes that time when the situation is more than we can handle and we must reach out beyond ourselves. I. HE ... read more

II Kings 20:1
      I. "THOU SHALT DIE, AND LIVE." A. "It is appointed unto men once to die." B. Death is inevitable. 1. No one able to escape it. C. We are reminded of it daily. 1. Newspapers. 2. ... read more

II Kings 5:13
      WASH AND BE CLEAN Intro: The story of Naaman. I. IN THE SCRIPTURES LEPROSY IS USED AS A TYPE FOR SIN. A. By human efforts it was incurable. 1. The only hope was a divine act of God. 2. Note the king's rea ... read more

II Kings 6:17
      "EYES TO SEE" Intro: Elisha reveals the plans of Ben-Hadad. He orders him captured. Surrounds Dothan with troops Elisha's servant cries out in despair. Elisha prays that his eyes may be opened. I. THE BIBLE DECLARES THE EXISTENCE O ... read more

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