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Frank arrives at Neath, Fair Week, 1882.
      Frank arrives at Neath, Fair Week, 1882. ¬óAccount of first Sunday morning service, by Dr. Davies. ¬óOther reformers at Neath, Rev. William Davies and Rev. John Wesley. ¬óSeth joins Frank at Neath. ¬óThe reason why. ¬óSeth knocked sinners down and Frank, picke ... read more

Frank’s personality. — Selflessness.
      Frank¬ís personality. ¬ó Selflessness. ¬ó Charm of manner. ¬ó How he trained Bob Jones as conductor. ¬ó Studied in Gnoll Woods. ¬ó Huddersfield ¬ď a favourite tune. ¬ó Care for the poor. ¬ó Willing helpers. ¬ó Testimony of Police Superintendent. ¬ó Mrs. Penn Lewis b ... read more

Moral condition of Neath.
      Moral condition of Neath. ¬ó Prayer for blessing, ¬ó Seth saves the Neath Y.M.C.A.¬ó Some notable converts at the Mission. ¬ó Ton Thomas (Twm y Glomen), Charlie the Gipsy, David Thomas (Dai Mali), Maggie the Nuts. ¬ó Evan Rees, one of the four Founders of the ... read more

Seth keeps a Diary, 1887¬ó1890.
      Seth keeps a Diary, 1887¬ó1890. ¬ó Programme of meetings for the week. ¬ó Open-air services. ¬ó Favourite spots in the town. ¬ó Fierce opposition. ¬ó Cottage prayer meetings. ¬ó Buying books. ¬ó Tract distribution. ¬ó Beech tree in Gnoll Woods. ¬óBibles sold at Nea ... read more

The Mission Choir formed and trained by Frank.
      The Mission Choir formed and trained by Frank. ¬ó Secretary and Treasurer appointed in 1887. ¬óIncome in I888. ¬ó Coal supplied in answer to prayer. ¬ó The brothers¬í genius for making friends. ¬ó Oscar Snelling and Captain Harvey. ¬ó Visits to Cornwall. ¬ó Excur ... read more

Treforest. ¬óBrothers in Church Choir.
      Treforest. ¬óBrothers in Church Choir. ¬óAdvent of Salvation Army. ¬óTed Rickett. ¬óDai Caravan. ¬óFrank and Seth are converted. ¬óRemarkable experiences. ¬óSeth at Blaenavon. ¬ó Frank at Cinderford. THE family removed from Pontypool to Treforest, where the fa ... read more

Two successful soul-winners.
      Two successful soul-winners. ¬óFamily, origin and credentials. ¬ó Of Baptist stock. ¬óReformers of Monmouthshire. ¬ó Pontypool. ¬ó Early environment. ¬ó Parents. ¬óGranny Walden. ¬ó Rev. David Roberts. ¬ó Seth¬Ďs exploits as boy. ¬ó British School ¬ó First occupation ... read more


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