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Dean Taylor

Dean Taylor ( – Present)

Read freely text sermons and articles by the speaker Dean Taylor in text and pdf format. Dean Taylor is the general editor of The Remnant of the Charity church movement. He has written a powerful book on non-resistance: A Change of Allegiance. His teachings on suffering and martyrdom are important for the body of Christ and we must learn again from our forefathers and how they suffered for Christ.

"Every day I’m more convinced that the only thing worth putting my life into is the simple, child-like acceptance of the teachings of Jesus. I believe that Jesus meant what He said. But even more, I believe that Jesus’ plan for humanity is actually a great idea! Sometimes the ways and wisdom of Jesus don’t make sense." - Dean Taylor

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Consecrated, Not Constrained
      Wearied by the continual battles with the Philistine armies, exasperated by the heat of the harvest-time sun, David’s army waited in the caves outside Bethlehem, observing the Philistine army down below them. David, surveying his occupied homeland, let ou ... read more

Lancaster Revival 1951
      Speaking directly to the crowd in a tent meeting that was conducted a little over a year after the Lancaster revivals began, George R. Brunk II directly addressed the crowd: It is thrilling to witness the sea of faces like this. It is challenging. It ... read more

Opening the Ancient Wells
      For the last three weeks I have been on a very interesting trip to Eastern Europe. A small church group from the Czech Republic city of Auspitz (Hustopece) had requested Anabaptist preachers and historians to come to their city for a historic celebration. ... read more

The Lion, The Witch, and the Happy Meal: Christian Beware!
      At the end of a short visit with my brother and his family this past weekend in South Carolina, we said our last goodbyes over a late night dinner at the local McDonald’s. I don’t care much for fast food—especially McDonald’s—but facing a 13 hour drive ho ... read more

The Moravian Mission Machine
      Revival, by its very definition, implies something is brought to life that was once sleeping or dead. Throughout history, God has repeatedly sent revival to awaken His church from sleepy self-indulgence to an active, world-changing force. It is interestin ... read more

Why Revival Leaves
      Late in the 1950s Leonard Ravenhill wrote a book that quickly became a classic on the subject of revival entitled Why Revival Tarries. It addressed the perplexing question: If God earnestly desires to pour His gracious Spirit onto all flesh, then what is ... read more


Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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