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How the Christian Life Begins in Us
      We must make clear for ourselves when and how the Christian life truly begins in order to see whether we have within ourselves the beginning of this life. If we do not have it, we must learn how to begin it, in so far as this depends upon us. It is not ... read more

The Chief Activities of the Body, Soul and Spirit
      I. Directing the Developing Powers of the Soul and Body. First of all, the needs of the body are aroused, and then are in a constant state of living activity until death itself. It is all the more essential to place them within their proper bounds and ... read more

The Instruction and Guidance of Youth
      I. The Instruction of Youth. One cannot define just when a person comes to the awareness of himself as being a Christian and to the independent resolve to live in a Christian way. In actual fact this happens at different times: at the age of seven, ten ... read more


Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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