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Behold, I will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.

Glory, honor, and peace, to every man that work-eth good.

TRUE peace is when the soul revolves around its centre, Almighty God, craving for nothing but what God continually supplies, its passions subdued to it-self, itself lovingly loyal to God, in harmony with its God and His laws. God made the soul for Himself, to have its bliss in His infinite, unchanging, exhaust-less love. The soul then "must needs be restless, until it repose in Him." Everything, whether it belongs to the keenest intellect, or the lowest senses, is an idol if the soul rests in it, apart from God. The soul's craving for peace is its natural yearning for its End, its Maker and its God. Since the soul is large enough to contain the infinite God, nothing less than Himself can satisfy or fill it.

With those who have made ready to receive Him in peaceful trust, He will come and dwell in love and joy; and great is their rest and blessedness.

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