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Text Sermons : A.B. Simpson : Christ in you

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How great the difference between the old and the new way of deliverance! One touch of Christ is worth a lifetime of struggling. A sufferer in a hospital was in danger of losing his sight from a small piece of broken needle that had entered his eye. Operation after operation had only irritated it and driven the foreign substance farther still into the delicate parts of the sensitive organ. Finally, a skillful young physician thought of a new expedient. He came one day without lancet and probes, holding only a small but powerful magnet which he placed before the wounded eye. Immediately the piece of steel began to move toward the powerful attraction; soon it flew up to meet it and left the suffering eye completely relieved without an effort or laceration. It was as simple as it was wonderful. By a single touch of power the eye was saved and a dangerous trouble completely cured. In the same way, God delivers us by the simple attraction of Christ's life and power.

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