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Dear Holy Spirit, who can know
The Comforter Thou art,
Till they have felt deep need of Thee
From out a broken heart.

Ten thousand griefs, dear Lord, have swept
Across this heart of mine,
But every one has pushed me out
Still deeper into Thine.

I know Thou workest for my good,
The soul's unfathomed pains,
The deep, dark dungeon's doleful cries
Thou turn'st to mellow strains.

Thou art far sweeter than Thy gifts,
Though they surpass all thought;
And yet Thy presence in my breast
With precious blood was bought.

O Comforter! it is Thyself
Who shows the blood to me,
And in my mind revealest Christ
Like an effulgent sea.

No creature in this world can know
The way Thou leadest me,
Through storms and pangs and lonely griefs,
From self out into Thee.

Dear, peaceful Spirit, Thou hast borne
My sad heart far away
Into a gulf of tender love,
Which melts it day by day.

Blest Holy Ghost, to me
Thou art A boundless crystal sea,
And I can lose all loneliness
When all alone with Thee.

I have no wish in all the world
But to be filled with Thee,
And drink my being full of love
From Thine immensity.

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