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Text Sermons : Erlo Stegen : Do not fear

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Is 41:10

1) Fear not. In the Bible we see that this is not only the problem of women, but even of men. Fear is a terrible thing. It is said that the Bible says 366 times, "Do not fear". A year has 365 days. So God's commandment to us every day is, "Do not fear". He even included the leap year.

As a Christian you should never fear, not because you're a man, but because God says so. We must not worry, be afraid, or fear.

A certain lady had cancer and passed away and left behind her husband and three children. Her sister felt concern for her children and as she prayed, she felt clearly the Lord leading her to become the mother of those children. Not long after she became ill and was diagnosed with cancer too. She prayed again, and then the Lord gave her this verse, "Do not fear". She trusted in God, and God healed her and the cancer disappeared.
It is said that the fear of cancer is worse than the cancer itself. Many have fears that will never happen to them.

2) Why should we not fear. For God says, "I am with you". That is the great name of God Himself. When Moses asked God His Name, God replied, "I am". That is God's Name right through the Bible.
When they asked Jesus who He was, He replied, "Before Abraham was, I am". They were upset and wanted to stone Him, for He was claiming to be God.

So God Himself says, "I am with you". He is always there, whether things go well or badly. If God is with you, why should you fear?

3) Do not be anxious; Times change, people change, fashions change, but God does not change. And then He gives the wonderful promise, "I will strengthen you, help you and uphold you". God will preserve you.

As the husband is the head of the wife, so is Christ the head of the man. The husband must always remember that and submit to Christ in his and his wife's life.

With this Word, God does not guarantee no hardship, but that He will sustain us through it.

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