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Text Sermons : Erlo Stegen : Daniels more excellent Spirit

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Daniel 6:19 - 26
King Darius reigned after king Belshazzar. During his reign he divided his kingdom up into 120 provinces with specific rulers over them. Over these 120 rulers he placed three presidents, so that the 120 rulers could give account to them. However, Daniel excelled in his work and behaviour above them all, inasmuch that the king thought of appointing him chief president. Daniel's life and work was simply of a far superior standard than all the rest, because of God's spirit in him.

People around us notice what spirit is within us. The way we do our work reflect the spirit that is within us. If the wrong spirit is in you, it will not matter what work is assigned to you, and what your position is, you will still make a mess of it

When the other rulers and presidents saw that Daniel excelled above them, they became jealous and sought for mistakes in his work and behaviour. They could find none. He was faithful. Such ought our lives to be too. We must live victorious and upright lives, such that the enemy can point no finger at us.
Regarding financial matters, your record must be clear. God cannot bless you with spiritual blessings if you are not faithful with earthly mammon.

Daniel's enemies eventually realised that they cannot find fault with him, except it be with his faith. So they went to the king and flattered him with a new proposed law, that all the rulers and presidents have agreed that no one may worship or ask a petition from any god or man, except king Darius, for 30 days (Even this was a lie, for had Daniel had any say in the matter, he would not have agreed. They either decided it when he was not present, or they overruled him). King Darius was so short-sighted and flattered that he agreed to the new law and signed it (how would he ever survive that 30 days, if every child and person in his kingdom should first come to him for any request. This revealed his utter blindness in the matter).
We also have many people that are just as short-sighted today. People dying from AIDS because of their immorality never thought much further than their noses when they agreed to the sin.

After Daniel heard of the decree, he continued, as he was used to do, to open his window towards Jerusalem and pour out his heart before God, three times a day.
When we pray we must be sure that the window is open towards God - that there be nothing that hinders our prayer, so that God will hear us.

As soon as Daniel's enemies knew that he continued to pray to God, they reported it to the king. Suddenly the king's eyes were opened and he sought with all his might a way to deliver Daniel. However, Daniel's enemies continued to pressurise the king, until he commanded that Daniel be thrown into the lion's den (Ironically, in their zeal to get Daniel into the lion's den, these rulers and presidents were also short-sighted. They didn't realise that the next day it will be their turn).
King Darius regretted his short-sightedness and he fasted that night. Neither did he want any royal entertainment. Knowing how faithful Daniel served God and how upright and faithful Daniel was, the king trusted that Daniel's God would deliver him. The next morning early he went to the den and cried out to Daniel, if God delivered him. Daniel answered, "King, live forever. My God has sent His angel and shut the lion's mouth." (God is with His children in their trials).

When the king heard that, he did not consult anyone anymore, but simply gave commands. He ordered Daniel to be pulled up and all his accusers to be thrown into the den, together with their wives and children. Why? Because their wives were accessory to their crime. They encouraged their husbands in their evil way and did not stop them. Such are the end of all who do not live for God.

God's kingdom and work cannot be destroyed, though all the hosts of darkness and evil might fight against it, as we read in verse 25. Darius learned that the beginning of wisdom is to fear God, and he commanded all to do the same. Those who sin will stop sinning when they fear God.

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