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`Eat this Scroll - Eat the word of God"

In Ezekiel 3 verses 1- 4 an amazing incident is recorded and should be understood by us all. God placed a scroll in front of Ezekiel and commanded him to eat it. Ezekiel had to fill his stomach with it, digest it and let it become a part of him.

He did that and it became as sweet as honey to him. In the same way a Christian has to take in and digest the Word of God. It is of vital importance to his life as a Christian as it sustains him and instructs him.

It is a great mistake if you pass a Word onto other people and you do not digest it yourself first. You are spiritually abnormal if you tell others about the Word but it has not worked in your life first. It must first be operative in you. Take the Word of God into yourself first and fill your heart, mind and being. Remember that Jesus is the Word.

This incident is symbolic of consuming all the words of God. One can not be choosy and only accept what suits you. You have to accept the whole of God's word. Whatever He puts before you, you must accept it and obey.

When Ezekiel took the scroll and ate it, it was as sweet as honey. That is what God’s word becomes. It is as sweet as honey to the heart of a person. What is it that your conversation consists of? Is it cars, fashion or other idle matters? If, however, you are busy with the Word of God it will keep you from sin. You won’t have time for wrong thoughts and other things that would separate you from the Lord.

Ezekiel did not criticise and analyse the scroll. Even if it is a bitter pill, eat God's word. Sometimes in a Christian’s life it is not easy. In Revelation 10:9 John also had to eat a book from God. It was sweet to him but later caused turmoil in the stomach. God’s will can be difficult to digest.

It is written that if you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you will have life within you. A seed can look as if it is dead but there is powerful life within that seed. When a person is born of God, he will no longer continue sinning (as John's epistle tell's us). Sin is dealt with because of the mighty power of the Word of God.

God’s word will change you and then you will be able to pass it on to others. Throw your tradition and culture overboard if it is in conflict with the Word of God. The Bible must be your tradition and culture. Eat the Word of God and let it work powerfully within you.

Some people are confused with regards to salvation. When asked whether they're saved, they answer, "I don't know, but I'm trying." If you're asked whether you're married and you give an answer like that, it means you are not married, but looking for a wife. So too, if you're not sure about your salvation, but just trying, you are in fact not saved yet. God's Word is clear. Rom 10:6-11 says that God's Word of salvation is plain and before us. You need to accept it with your whole heart, act upon it and confess the Lord Jesus with your mouth; then you are saved. When you make His Word part of you, you will be able to testify.

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