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Text Sermons : Erlo Stegen : Descended and Ascended

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In Acts 1 v 6-11 the account is given of the Lord Jesus’ ascension into heaven. It starts off with the disciples asking the Lord whether He would now restore the kingdom of Israel. Their minds were far from the actual issue that the Lord Jesus was busy with. In the same way, Christians can still be affected by the old way of thinking. The Lord Jesus has not touched it and Christians are bound by their own perceptions.

In Ephesians 4 v 8-13, it is written that the Lord Jesus became poor, like a man, and suffered with no place to put his head. He humbled Himself to the lowest degree and drank that cup of each person’s sin. He had to descend to a terrible death. Jesus came to be with us, forgive us and remove our sin. He grappled with our sin and overcame it and said “it is finished”. The demons were conquered by the Lord Jesus as well. In Colosians 2 v 15, it says that He disarmed the authorities, principalities and powers. Sin should have no power over you because the Lord Jesus conquered it. If Satan tempts you one day, cast your eyes to heaven and see the Lord Jesus there interceding for you. He is not just sitting at the right hand of the Father doing nothing, He is interceding for you. It will only take one look at what He is doing for you and you will be delivered from that sin and you won’t continue with it. It will cut you to the heart.

If the Lord Jesus ascended then it also means that He descended. In 1 Peter 3 v 19, the Lord Jesus descended into Hades and preached to the disobedient angels. His victory was proclaimed to every soul. At services in Donnybrook, the people came weeping and confessing their sin, affected by the conviction of the Holy Spirit. In the same way, Esau desired his blessing and wept. You will weep more when you see what you have lost.

After forty days, the Lord Jesus showed how mightily He had conquered. It is written that He ascended on high. He went through the forces of the air and lead captives in His train. Who were these captives? Satan, death and sin were taken captive. This is the greatest day because of the Lord Jesus’ victory. One can only bow and worship Him. He then gave gifts to men to prophecy, evangelise, be teachers etc. In Ephesians 4 v 13,14 , it speaks about the whole measure of Christ. May the Gospel go forth and may His people become strong in the Lord.

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