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Text Sermons : Erlo Stegen : Come let us build

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Neh 2:17 Then I said to them, “You see the distress that we are in, how Jerusalem lies waste, and its gates are burned with fire.

We are in great distress in our country and throughout Africa.

Quite recently an international team took aerial photos of Southern Africa, which revealed huge areas of graves upon graves. Other nations are looking towards Africa, to take possession of Africa, because it is being devastated and destroyed by AIDS and sexual immorality, superstition and jealousy.

Can you see the distress we are in? Satan has blinded the eyes of some, so that they cannot see it. The walls indeed are broken down and the gates are burned.

A certain lady was worried that she was getting older and remaining single. One day she was very distressed and went to pray outside under a tree for a husband. She worked herself up emotionally and eventually she shouted (some Christians like to pray louder and louder and work themselves up to a crechendo, thinking that by their sheer volume they will be heard of God. They fail to distinguish between the soul and spirit). An owl in the tree was startled by her crying and let out "whooo". She replied, "anybody, Lord". Don't be obsessed with marriage lest you end up with a washout of a husband. Let God be your first priority.

The story is told of Jannie, who was a builder, but lazy and very unfaithful in his work. He worked for a rich employer. One day his boss called him and asked him to build him a big house, using the best building material. He told Jannie that he and his wife would be going overseas for an extended holiday, and want the house finished when they return. As soon as his boss left, Jannie built the house with the cheapest building material, and less cement than required. He covered his bad work with plaster and paint. He used the rest of the money to party with his friends. When his boss returned, he handed Jannie the keys of the house, thanking him for his good work. Jannie was devastated. He thought he was punishing his boss, but he was punishing himself. So too when children try to give their teachers a hard time at school, disobey and make themselves a nuisance, they're just punishing yourself. The teachers have their education already. The children are the ones who will end up with a bad education. They're punishing themselves.

Some are poor simply because they are bone lazy. No amount of government upliftment and wealth generation will succeed in a nation who is determined to be lazy. The generated wealth is consumed and then that nation is just worse off.

The problem is also not unemployment. There is more than enough work available but you must be the right person - faithful, upright, diligent, educated. But if you're lazy and unfaithful and unreliable, how can you expect to be employed?

If you today realize you've been a Jannie, come to the Lord and acknowledge your true life, so that you can receive new life and become a new creature.

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