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Text Sermons : Erlo Stegen : Lord, abide with us

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Mark 16:1 - 12

The women referred to in our text, got up very early on Sunday morning to anoint the body of the Lord Jesus. They were concerned about who would roll the stone away from the door. These women had witnessed all the suffering our Lord went through and were very traumatized. However, they made a great mistake in being anxious because our Lord had told them many times beforehand that He would rise from the dead on the third day.

Yes, there are genuine concerns but we must take them to the Lord. We must always cast these anxieties to the Him and refuse to carry them ourselves.

As with the situation of the Lord speaking about His death and resurrection (and the women forgetting what He had said) it may be that He has spoken to you many years ago. Are you still obedient? Are you busy with what He told you to do? If He spoke to you once it is enough.

Jesus is no longer in the grave but is risen. He also wrestled against the forces of hell and against satan himself, and was victor over them all. He emerged with the keys of death and hell. Our resurrected Hero has conquered and is ascended to heaven. His grave is empty!

Peter and John were convinced that Jesus had risen and they remained confident that His body had not been stolen. The grave clothes were tightly wrapped. To remove the body from such clothes one has to cut through the garments (which were heavy with embalming ointment - Jn 19:39 & 40). When Peter entered the tomb he saw that the grave clothes were untouched. Christ had simply emerged from the grave clothes without disturbing them. The stone wasn't rolled away for Christ to escape. Though it was probably between 3 to 5 tons in weight, Christ had simply walked through it, even as He was able to go through walls after His resurrection. The stone was rolled away as a testimony and for the disciples to see the grave-clothes for themselves.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has all authority in heaven and earth. If you do not have the resurrected and victorious Christ in your life, then you have the wrong Jesus and you will still meet with Him on judgement day.

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