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Text Sermons : Erlo Stegen : Called by His Name

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Luke 10:23 - 37

There is no name of wealth that surpasses the richness of being a Christian - a follower of Jesus Christ. Nothing can compare with being a Christian. It is just a pity that many so-called Christians do not recognise their exalted position and treat it as common, as belonging to any faith, such as being a Hindu or a Muslim.

Jesus privately said to His disciples, "blessed are the ears that hear what you hear and the eyes that see what you see". No wealth or treasure can compare to the richness of knowing Jesus.

You may have wealth, farms, honour and praise, but if you haven't seen Jesus you are lost. That is why Paul said that he counted everything else as dung compared to knowing Jesus Christ.

The question this expert of the law asked Jesus might seem very honourable to someone without discernment, but he only wanted to trick Jesus into saying something wrong so that he could have something against Him. Many people speak pious words, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. Those without discernment will be deceived by their smooth speech.

Jesus however, discerned that this man was not genuinely asking the question to get to heaven, but with ulterior motives. Jesus therefore avoided his trap and pointed the question straight back at him so that he answered his own question, "the greatest command is to love the Lord your God with all your mind, soul and strength". If this expert of the law was honest with himself he would have asked Jesus for help to obey the command. In stead he sidestepped the question and justified himself by asking who his neighbour was.

Jesus still stretched out his hand to the man by explaining to him by way of the parable of the Samaritan. In this parable Jesus Himself represents the Samaritan that passed by and helped the man in need. He is the true Samaritan that passed by us when we wallowed in our own blood (Ez 16:6). We were so defiled that even our righteousness was as filthy rags. He washed and cleansed us from our filth and dressed us in His righteousness.

Just think of how sin and satan destroyed your life. Time and again you have vowed not to go back to certain sins and yet before you knew it you were back again wallowing in the mud. Satan is a murderer from the beginning and he robbed you of everything you had. Yet Jesus passed you by in your destroyed state, saw you in your sin and said to you "live" and saved you.

We could not help ourselves when Jesus saved us. Only He, the true Samaritan, could save us and He did. He washed us clean from our own blood, and dressed us in His righteousness as we confessed our sins.

The inn represents the church of Christ where He puts you to be nursed back to life, and He will supply all your needs. Come to Him today and He will heal you once more.

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