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Matt 2:1-11

The wise men from the east came from far, a land in the east. They saw the star and recognised it as a sign that the King, our Messiah, was born. They weren't Jews but from another nation - they were heathens.

Why did they leave their land and go to Jerusalem? There are many opinions. Some experts simply don't know. Others think they were from the land of the Medes and Persians where Daniel lived. Daniel had prophesied about the Messiah's coming and predicted His sacrificial death to the very year (see Daniel 9:25, 26). Daniel was a great man and had a huge impact in the time that he lived. He had such an impact that king Darius made a decree throughout his whole dominion that all should "fear and tremble before the God of Daniel" (See Daniel 6:25, 26).

Others say that the wise men were from China, and that the wise men read Daniel's prophecies in that country.

We do not know exactly but we do know that these wise men were important men, like kings themselves. They recognised that the Messiah would not come to them for the prophecy was for the Jews; therefore they went to Israel. Amazingly, when they came close to Jerusalem they lost sight of the star and followed their own wisdom and asked the leaders in Jerusalem where the king was born. In stead of anticipating His birth or at least rejoicing at the news, king Herod and the others in Jerusalem were troubled and it was terrible news to them. They were completely confused; they had things back to front. The news should have been cause to celebrate and rejoice, for Jesus was their Saviour and yet Herod and the others in Jerusalem were upset and troubled about the news.

Even the religious leaders whom king Herod asked were blinded. They could immediately answer correctly that He was to be born in Bethlehem, yet they would not go themselves. Their hearts were hardened and their eyes closed that they could not see.

Once the wise men left Jerusalem they saw the star again and followed it until it stood still in exactly the right place. There they found Joseph, Mary and the Child and they fell down and worshipped Him and gave Him their gifts, gold, frankincense, and myrrh. These gifts were symbolic of His purity, anointing, the works of God's grace taking place through Him, and His sacrificial death.

It is amazing that these raw heathen recognised Him as the Messiah, came to worship Him and were soundly converted, yet His own people did not recognise Him. Whole nations were changed because of this Child.

We can ask these wise men, how did you recognise this Child as Messiah, Lord and King? They read the prophecies regarding this Child, saw the star and anticipated His coming. They could relate a series of events which led them to the Child. These wise men worshipped Him and left their gold there for they realised that their gold was worthless in comparison to this Child and the Gift He gave them. All their riches and wisdom could not gain them salvation and cleanse them from their sins but they received it all from this Child.

Where do you find yourself at this moment? Are you at the Lord's feet? If you claim to be at the Lord's feet can you relate how you got there - can you relate the sequence of events which led you there? Can you tell what moved you to become a Christian?

Many people don't know why they are Christians. They think they are simply born one or because they were raised as Christians or because they attend church. Those things cannot make you a Christian. You must personally come to the Saviour's feet and give Him everything, even your life. You must have a personal relationship with your Saviour.

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