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Everything I have seen in Switzerland has taken me down in brokenness before God. At Bern I have stood in a place which has been packed with people. and I have had to get a cleansing by weepIng as I have seen the people and then God gave us victory. Hundreds have been saved by the power of God. At Neuchatel God worked marvelously and the devil worked in between, but God is greater than all. At my second visit to Neuchatel the largest theater was hired and it was packed, and God moved upon the people, and on an average 100 souls were saved each night, and many healed through God’s touch, yet many would not have Pentecostal teaching, and one man actually had meetings in opposition at places, but who Is the man who dares to put his hand on the child of God? This man also had prayer meetings to try to prevent people from going to the meetings, but they all turned to confusion. People came to be ministered unto. In all places it bas been the same.
At one of the places a policeman was sent to ascertain what was going on and it resulted in his coming under the power of God, and he commenced to seek for the healing of his own body. Some of the opposers stated that the oil bottle I used was electrically charged and that I kept putting it into my pocket to get it recharged.
The Holy Ghost is preparing us for some wonderful event. I feel a burning in my bones. I preached one night on Eph. 3 for 3½ hours, and so powerful was the Word that the people did not seem inclined to move. I preached and prayed with the sick until 11:30 p.m. Four people brought a man who was paralyzed and blind; the power of God fell upon him and us and he now walks and sees and is praising God. I have not been to one meeting where the power of God has not been upon us. I say this to His glory.
In French Switzerland, where Pentecost was not known, seven different meeting places have been opened, and the work Is prospering. At Bern there is a band of praying people. Truly we have seen wonderful things. A girl was brought to me sitting in a chair. I would not minister at first, but told her she must wait and hear the Word of God. Her mother who had come with her was greatly moved as she listened to God’s Word being expounded. I then laid hands on the girl, who had never walked. The power of God worked and she now walks. Another case, where a man had had a cancer taken out of his neck, after which he could no longer eat, not being able to swallow. He told me he could not even swallow the juice of a cherry. He had a pipe inserted in his neck so that food could be poured through it into his stomach. I said to him, “You will eat tonight.” I prayed with him. He came the next day. I saw that the color had come back into his face, and he told me he had been eating, and could swallow comfortably. He had looked for the hole where the pipe had been inserted but could not find It. God had completely healed him. He was well known; he was a tea grower and people said he had come to life again. When the Son of God touches a man he does come to life.
God has put His hand upon this work In Switzerland. Every afternoon people were baptized In the Holy Ghost, brought down into the dust for the power of God lays a man low. In Lausanne the power was mighty, also at Yevey and Geneva, and God has raised up Spirit-filled leaders In these towns.
A man came to me suffering from diabetes. The power of God was upon me and I realized that God was working upon him. I said God has healed you. His address was taken and the case was followed up. He went to the doctor to be examined because he knew he was healed and asked him to examine him. He did so and stated that he was unable to find any trace of the disease whatever. He asked the doctor to give him a certificate which he did and I saw it.
A young woman was dying of consumption, and her doctor had given her up. I laid hands on her in the name of Jesus and she knew that the disease had passed away. This girl went to the doctor, who examined her and said, “Whatever has taken place, you have no consumption now.” She replied, “Doctor I have been prayed over; can I tell the people I am healed?” And he said, “Yes, and that I could not heal you.” “If I am to tell will you put it in black and white?” And he gave her a certificate which I saw. God had healed her.
A man was brought into one of the meetings in a wheel chair. He could not walk except by the aid of two sticks, and even then his locomotion was very slow. I saw him in that helpless condition, and told him about Jesus. Oh, that wonderful name! Glory to God! “They shall call His name Jesus.” I placed my hands upon his head and said, “In the name of Jesus thou art made whole.” This helpless man cried out “It is done, it is done, Glory to God, it is done!” And he walked out of the building perfectly healed. The man who brought him in the wheel chair and the children said that father so and so Is walking. Praise the Lord He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
The Lord made me a great blessing at Zurie last time, and I have promised to be there again on the 30th of October. Seven new places are glorifying God in tongues. I ministered last Sunday in a great theater which was filled, and there was a crying out to God for healing, and when they were healed they shouted for joy.

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