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Text Sermons : K.P. Yohannan : Miracles For You (Part 2)

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One day a resident of Thiruvanthapuram, Kerala said, “You should have been there to watch it.”
“What?” I asked.
“Yesterday there was a stunning program on television.”
“What program?”
“A magic program! Ministers, police officials and a Collector witnessed the program live in Thiruvanthapuram.”
“What made the program so stunning?”
“A man entered into an iron case and sat inside. Others closed the box, chained and locked it. With the help of a crane they lifted it and put it in the sea. The iron box was completely submerged in water. Everybody was waiting on the shore with anxiety. Within minutes, miraculously the man in the box was swimming to shore.
The eyes of the witnesses were wide open. The entire act of closing and locking the iron box had happened right in front of their eyes. Not only that, people had even taken photographs of it. Even the eyes of their cameras could not find the truth behind it. How did this happen?”
In my school days every year the school would conduct a “magic show”. Even the students who skipped classes for weeks and months would attend class on that day. When they saw the miracle of magic, all the students would make noise, laugh, and shout.
Not only children, but adults, educated people and people from different statuses are attracted toward such things. Everybody is anxious to see a miracle.
What is the reason behind people’s interest in these things?
The answer is simple. Humans are a spiritual creation different from all other creations. Our body is like a home. Just as you are not the home, but you live inside the home; we live inside our body. For humans, an interest in non-earthly things is natural.
But sin deformed the spiritual consciousness of man and he has gone far away from God.
Despite this, irrespective of caste and creed there is a thirst for spirituality in every human heart. There is a hunger and need for spirituality deeply rooted inside. When we hear or see supernatural things, our eyes, ears and heart yearn for more.
In the New Testament we see this. Jesus did many miracles. Many thousands gathered around him. Wherever he went, people followed him. A huge crowd followed him to see his miracles.
But the miracles we read in the Bible are not like magic. They are miraculous deliverances by God in the most important moments of life.

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