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Text Sermons : K.P. Yohannan : Miracles For You (Part 4)

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Now take the New Testament. In the second chapter of the Gospel according to John, an incident is narrated about the celebration of a marriage in Cana. Jesus, His mother and His disciples attended the marriage.
In the middle of the party the wine ran out. Maybe the host panicked because he had invited some important people to the party. Many other guests were also present. But there was no wine to serve them.
The host’s inability to plan ahead was revealed in front of many people. Here, a miracle was required to solve this problem. And Jesus did it.
Dear friend, are you a failure in all the work you do? Are you in a situation where you think there is nobody to help you? If so, pray with belief. God is going to do a miracle for you.
Here Jesus worked at the proper time. He told them, “Fill the stone water jars with water.” These jars were used by the Jews for ceremonial washing.
They filled the water jars. They never asked, “Why do we have to fill the jars with water?” They simply did what they were told to do. They poured water up to the brim of the jar, not stopping halfway. They obeyed Him completely.
Then Jesus told them, “Now draw some out and take it to the master of the banquet.” They gave it to him. It was miracle. They couldn’t believe it. That water became wine of the best quality. You may find it difficult to believe. But this really happened.
In another incident, a lady fell prey to a disease for long 12 years. She was rich and spent a lot of money for a cure. She consulted a number of doctors and took different types of medicines. Nothing cured her. Each day in her life was spent in great pain. In Scripture, she is referred as a person who “suffered many things from many physicians.”
Due to all the treatment she became poor. She couldn’t even afford food once in a day. There was not even a single ray of hope. Things came to the point where all she could expect to get out of her life was a coffin.
At the same time somebody told her, “Jesus from Nazareth can cure many diseases; a lot of miracles are happening. You go, meet him and tell him your problem. He will definitely heal you.”
Even though she was physically weak and ill, somehow she pushed herself to her feet and went to Jesus. When Jesus was walking in the crowd she touched the hem of His clothes from behind. At that very moment power came to her from Him. She was healed. Jesus strengthened her, “Take heart, daughter, your faith has healed you.”(Mathew 9:22). She went back to her home in great peace, healed both spiritually and physically.
This is the miracle which God will do for us. What is there in your life which requires a miracle? Believe! That miracle is possible through Jesus Christ.

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