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Text Sermons : K.P. Yohannan : Sparks of Sin (Part 4)

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Sin is like an epidemic. If you don’t take prevention at the proper time it will enter the veins of the country and destroy the entire nation or society.
Let’s discuss an incident.
Consider an aristocratic family with parents and five children. They had a business and a well-settled family. With lots of happiness and dignity in the society, their life was beautiful.
At that time, the father started consuming alcohol for the sake of his friends. Because of this, as months and years passed by, their business was in loss. Their house and his properties were in jeopardy because of debt. They lost everything. At the end they even had to sell their clothes. They were depressed; they lost their health.
The face of the mother became thin. The marriage of their daughters became a mere dream for them.
Soon the father’s aged parents left this world because of the extreme mental pain. The family didn’t have any means to live. They were fed up of scorn and taunts from others.
With no other way left, the man’s brothers came and sold all his belongings. So the family left the place and went away.
Why did all this happen? Because of one person’s mistake, the deed of a single person in his private life. His folly broke many lives and ruined many people. An entire family ends up standing in the problematic, ruined Valley of Achor. They are stoned by scorn and disrespect. If this was not enough, they are burnt alive in the fire of their problems.
Dear friend, will you ever become responsible for a disgrace like this? Think.
How many people might have advised you? How many speeches have you listened to until now? In your church, in your parish, you ignored the words of servants of God, clergy and pastors. People of the Lord, believers‚ÄĒeverybody‚ÄĒis in sorrow because of you. They sigh. Can you look into the eyes of your children who are burnt alive in your destruction? Are you sad because of the pain which you give to your wife? Think.
Brother, how about your deals, stubbornness, vengeance, alcohol addiction, womanizing, illegal activities or spendthrift nature?
Through our lives, can we put a smile on the face of others, console others, or help somebody to grow to a further level? If so, our lives are blessed.
No lives should be ruined because of us. Ever. Let this be a strong decision of ours, a pledge.

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