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Text Sermons : K.P. Yohannan : The Way of True Blessing

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“Friendship with the LORD is reserved for those who fear him. With them he shares the secrets of his covenant.” Psalm 25:14, NLT
There are plenty of books that tell about “how” to receive God’s blessings and how to obtain material blessings for a more comfortable life on earth. Yet we see through the life of Abraham that true blessing is much deeper than the material and comes only through a holy fear and love for God.
So often our Christianity starts with us and ends with us. It is all centered around ourselves. Even when obeying some Scriptures (like “giving”) we are focused more on what we can get from it! May the Lord bring us to the place at which we obey Him because we love Him and do all for His sake because He is Lord. May our comfort, joy and peace not be the issue, but what our Lord wants. And only out of a life lived in the fear of the Lord and in love with Him will we find that our lives are blessed and we are a blessing.

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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