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Text Sermons : J.R. Miller : August 26. Go Forward

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"Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem!" Luke 9:51

We do not know what lies before us in life. Some great sorrow or anguish may be awaiting us tomorrow; but it casts no gloom over our spirits today — because we are ignorant of it. So us not knowing the future — is a merciful provision in our lives. If some of us knew all that we must pass through in the future — it would make our lives very bitter, even while our joys are unbroken! It is a great deal better that we should not know — until God leads us into the afflictive experience.

But there was no such kindly veiling of the future from Christ's eyes. He saw every step of the sorrowful way — to the close of His life! Yet this makes the scene before us all the more grand. Knowing all the intense suffering He would shortly experience — see how eager He is to press on in His path. He could not be held back. Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem — and bent His steps with intense haste to His journey, which He knew would lead Him to Gethsemane, Gabbatha, and Golgotha.

In this, as in all things, He left us an example — that we should follow His steps. It is thus that we should ever go forward in the path of duty — no matter what the dangers, the sufferings, the sacrifices, which lie in our path. We are too apt to hesitate and count the cost, when hard tasks are assigned to us — instead of eagerly pressing on in duty's path.

That walk to Jerusalem, every step a step toward the cross always in plain view — is the finest heroism of all history! Let us not forget why the walk was taken. That cross meant salvation and eternal blessedness for millions of lost souls. Love was the heart of that heroism. Jesus pressed on with intense earnestness — because the accomplishment of His mission would be eternal life for His people — and glory for His Father. We ought to bow our heads in reverence — as we see Jesus thus hastening to His cross! It was for our sakes — that He "resolutely set out for Jerusalem!"

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