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Text Sermons : Chuck Smith : Matthew 27:45

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Intro: This is the worst fate man could ever experience. To be forever
forsaken by God is hell.

A. Isa. 53:6 ... "and the Lord laid on Him..."
1. Jesus Christ bore the sins of the world.
a. Every vile act ever committed.
1. Perverted sex acts.
2. Torturous murders.
3. Every act of violence laid on the
Prince of Peace.
2. "And God made Him to be sin for us..."
B. Sin separates man from God.
1. In the beginning God said to Adam, "In the day thou
eatest thereof..."
a. Physical death separation S & S from body.
b. Spiritual death " "
c. Adam & Eve died spiritually.
d. God's cry "Adam where art thou?"
2. "Thou art of purer eyes then to behold evil, thou can
not look upon sin."
C. When He took your sins upon Himself He took also the punishment
of separation.
1. This explains the agony of the garden.

A. No living man could know.
1. We are surrounded by His graces.
a. "In Him we live & move & have our being.
2. We are sustained by His mercies.
a. We are daily dependent upon Him to sustain us.
b. Whether we believe in Him or not.
c. "The God in whose very hand thy breathe is."
3. We hear places described as God forsaken.
a. Barren, no sign of life.
b. It is not really God forsaken.
4. God has not yet forsaken you.
a. He is still there to convict you.
b. Even now He is speaking to you to seek to draw
you unto Himself.
c. There may have been times when you felt
forsaken by God.
B. Sad to see a person forsaken.
1. A child forsaken by his parents.
2. A wife forsaken by her husband.
3. Nothing to equal a man forsaken by God.
C. Jesus described Gehenna as "outer darkness."
1. Out beyond the farthest galaxy.
2. Beyond the light of any star.
3. Beyond the area of our minds to conceive.
4. An area totally void of God.
D. If a man continually insists he wants nothing of God, God will
finally accommodate his desire.
E. I say not these things to frighten you.
1. I only seek to declare unto you the truth of God's
2. I pray to God that none of you shall be finally
separated from Him
3. That's what it is all about.
a. Jesus was forsaken by the Father that you need
never be forsaken.
b. He became what you are so that you could become
what He is.
c. He tasted death for you, that you might know
life in Him.

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