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Text Sermons : Chuck Smith : Matthew 5:14

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Intro: Strange statement in view of men to whom spoken. "Ye" refers to Christians.

A. The world is in a state of darkness.
1. This is always basic Christian premise.
a. World always speaking of enlightenment.
b. Key word of Timothy Leary and Hippie social order.
c. The period of the renaissance "new light."
1. Water shed of history.
2. Rebirth of knowledge and learning.
d. Society founded in 18th century "enlightenment."
1. Knowledge is light.
2. Tragedy emphasis on one aspect of knowledge, things -
materialistic - biological.
3. Don't know what to do with knowledge.
e. Knowledge of human relationships never worse.
1. Marriage guidance classes.
B. The Christian has the only answer to the darkness.
1. Philosophers and educators and statesmen have failed.
a. Could gather a few quotes to prove.
b. They do not know real problem nor how to solve it.
1. Used to feel it was lack of education.
c. Great at analysis - no solution.
C. Christ spoke this after Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle.
1. You and you alone are the light.

II. "YE."
A. Ordinary Christian knows more about life than.
B. How is this to be true of us?
1. Jesus also said, "I am the light of the world."
2. The outshining of Christ through us.
a. He not only gives us light, He allows His light to shine forth
through us.
b. Our intimate relation to Christ.
C. This is the second result of being a Christian.
1. First salt - purifying agent.
2. Not always aware of darkness until light appears.
a. Light provides contrast.
3. "This is the condemnation."
a. Men try to put out the light.
4. What is wrong with the world.
a. Man made by God and for God.
b. When man not living for God wrong.
We are living in world of darkness, only light is Christian. Does world see anything
different with you?

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