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Text Sermons : Chuck Smith : Matthew 6:31

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Intro: Very important to have right priorities. What things are first in your life? What are
your main concerns? How did you spend this last week?

A. Our worries are interesting yard sticks.
1. They often reveal that which is most important to us.
a. Some always worried as to how they look.
b. Some worry about impression they made.
c. Some worry about what people think of them.
d. It is vain to worry about these things.
1. Being a Christian is no excuse for being a slob.
2. But to lose sleep because you are worried if you were
dressed right is foolish.
B. Jesus listed three common worries of that day.
1. "What we shall eat."
a. These people were far more agrarian than our present society.
b. The percentage of farmers was much greater.
1. All societies based on agricultural surplus.
2. The more food one man can produce, the more others are free
to do other things.
c. Food is the basic commodity of life.
d. Their worry about food was about their crops. Most were farmers.
2. "What shall we drink?"
a. This too was basic in a hot wilderness area.
b. In planning any journey this had to be a primary concern.
3. "What shall we wear?"
a. Interesting that this should concern them.
1. They made most of their own clothes.
2. They made their own cloth.
3. If your husband said, "I tore my robe," that was a
major project.

A. Remembering your heavenly Father.
1. Look at the birds, they don't plant and harvest crops.
a. Your Father feeds them.
b. You are more important to Him than they.
2. "Consider the lilies of the field, they do not toil or spin."
a. Your Father has given them their beautiful raiment.
b. Surely He will clothe you.
3. Your Father knows.

A. Seeking other things first is a trap, you can never get out of it.
1. The need is always there and you never seem to catch up.
2. I'll follow Thee Lord, but allow "me first."
3. I'll serve the Lord as soon as I get these things cleared up.
a. That's like saying, "I'll get married as soon as I can afford it."
B. God first in your life and all of the other things will fall Put into order.
1. God will take care of them.
2. There are so many problems in the world today.
a. Hard to determine what to worry about the most.
1. Russian build-up in eastern Europe.
2. Energy crisis.
3. Rising takes.
4. Government intrusion.
5. Possible food shortages.
b. Your worry isn't going to change a thing.
3. You had better start to worry about your relationship with God. That is
most important.

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