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Text Sermons : Chuck Smith : Daniel 9:22

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Intro: God had promised the Jews a Messiah. Here is one of the most
amazing prophesies of all when the Lord tells the very day the
Messiah will come.

I. THE NEED FOR A MESSIAH (Daniel was in prayer).
A. They were in captivity in Babylon.
1. Daniel confesses the reasons for captivity.
a. We have sinned (missed the mark..
b. Committed iniquity.
c. have done wickedly.
d. and have-rebelled.
e. departed from His precepts and judgments.
2. Following their own paths had led them down into
B. The nation was in confusion among the leaders of the nation.
1. Confusion among the people.
2. They were in need of a strong righteous ruler to turn
them back to God.

A. Seventy sevens are determined upon the nation Israel and the
city of Jerusalem.
1. To finish the transgression and to make an end of sins.
2. To make reconciliation for iniquity.
3. To bring in everlasting righteousness.
4. To seal up the vision and prophesy.
5. To anoint the most Holy.
B. The beginning of these 70 sevens.
1. From the going forth of the commandment to restore &
build Jerusalem.
a. At this time 538 B.C. Jerusalem a wreck.
b. Nehemiah 2:1 Month of Nisan twentieth year of
1. According to the Royal Observatory in
Greenwich, the new moon in 445 B.C.
took place in Jerusalem on the 13th of
March at 7 hours and 9 minutes a.m. so
the 1st of Nisan would be March 14, 445
C. From this point there were to be 7 sevens and 62 sevens. To the
coming of the Messiah the prince & 69 sevens or 483 years or
more exact 173,880 days.

A. John 12:1 Six days before the passover He came to Bethany the
8th of Nisan which was a Friday. Ate supper after the Sabbath
on Saturday night and the next day entered Jerusalem on tenth
of Nisan, April 6th 32, A.D.
1. Special preparations.
a. Sent discipIes to find a donkey.
Zech. "The King cometh to thee, ... !
b. Allowed public worship for first time "These
stones would cry out"
c. Wept over cities blindness in "This thy day."
2. How many days between March 14th 445 B.C. & April 6th
32 A.D.? Accounting for leap years 173,880 days.
B. The Messiah shall be "cut off" & have nothing."
1. He wasn't to receive His kingdom just then.
2. He Was cut off or crucified.
3. The end of the people will be a dispersion.
C. To believe this is all just a coincidence takes greater faith
than to believe it was a divinely ordained event.

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