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Text Sermons : Chuck Smith : Deuteronomy 32:11

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Intro: Moses a man familiar with wilderness, probably watched eagles many times. Daring
figure to use of God, Warranted Ex. 19:4 "I bare you on eagles wings and brought you
unto myself." This illus. teaches us the tenderness and strength of God.

A. "Stirreth up her nest."
"Fluttereth over her young" "Broodeth."
"Spreadeth abroad His wings."
"Beareth them on His pinions."
B. The purpose of the activity. "So the Lord did lead them:"
1. The last part shows God's purpose.
2. The first His method.
3. Why is the eagle stirring up her nest etc.?
4. How does God lead us? Stirs up the nest.

A. Watch the scene described here. Mother stirring nest, baby eaglets sleeping.
B. What does this reveal to us of God?
1. His parenthood.
a. In God fatherhood & motherhood merge.
b. Eaglets are of the very being & nature of eagles & thus the
supreme object of love.
1. We were made in image and likeness of God and through
being born-again the very nature thus the supreme object
of His love.
2. His strength thus the consequent security of eaglet.
a. Watch eagle in storm.
b. Watch it in conflict. Watch as it broods over young, gentleness.
1. Gentleness is not weakness strength held in reserve.
3. His nature.
a. The eagle dwells on high & takes its flight sunward, up, up,
until out of sight. Here the figure breaks down & thus
accomplishes its purposes. "God is the light."

A. "Stirreth up the nest" disturbance.
1. God's first method is disturbance.
a. So easy to become lethargic complacent.
b. In the disturbing hour, look for God.
2. We are prone to misinterpret disturbance.
a. He has so many problems, disappointments something must be wrong.
b. God is preventing the fatal lethargies that destroy.
B. "Broodeth over her young."
1. Watch mother eagle disturbs her young pushes them to edge of nest will
presently push them out.
a. Now she pauses and broods, she seems to say "I know I have
disturbed you & in a moment I am going to do something you won't
understand, but remember I am your mother.
b. God does not always explain the disturbance but He assures us
of Himself, His love.
C. "He spreadeth abroad His wings."
1. He is now showing the awakened eaglets purpose.
2. He spreads abroad his wings that they might follow instinct & begin
spreading abroad their wings.
3. As they begin.

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