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Text Sermons : Chuck Smith : Deuteronomy 30:11

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Intro: One of our greatest needs is to develop the awareness of God's closeness. We often
think of heaven as far out in space, thus we think of God as far away. Not so, we are
surrounded by God, you cannot escape from Him, "For in Him we live, move..."

A. The life he refers to is spiritual life.
1. Knowing God, loving God, walking with God.
a. The man who professes to be an agnostic is not an agnostic
because God is unknowable.
b. His confession of ignorance stems from his lack of desire.
c. He doesn't know only because he doesn't want to.
2. God can be known.
a. Far more, God wants you to know Him.
b. To this end, He has revealed Himself.
c. He is not some abstract essence dwelling far off in space.
d. He is a warm loving Father who seeks to walk -- with His child.
3. "It is not hidden from thee, neither is it far off."
a. The path to life, is right before you.
B. The death referred to is spiritual death.
1. Not knowing, loving, or obeying God.
2. Living in rebellion against God.

A. God's commandments are not hidden from you.
1. He has not hid His truth in some mystic vagueness that takes some guru
to unfold.
a. It is not in heaven so that a specially gifted mystic must go
into some kind of trance to bring us God's truth.
b. It is not beyond the sea, that you must travel to India or Tibet
to discover truth.
2. He has laid it right out there before your eyes so plain that even a
dummy like me can see it.
a. It is in your mouth, it's in your heart.
b. I have heard so many people condemn themselves with their
own mouth.
1. I really know I should walk with God.
2. I know that it is wrong.
3. How do you know? It's in your heart.
3. God has put His comments in your heart.
a. No one has murdered another without feeling guilt. You must
fight against the guilt.
b. No one has lied without feeling wrong. You must create
your rational.

A. Verse 16.
1. Love the Lord thy God.
2. Walk in His ways.
3. Keep His commandments, statutes, judgments.
B. Verse 20.
1. Love the Lord thy God.
2. Obey His voice.
3. Cleave to Him.
C. That's it, this is the path of life and fellowship with God.
D. You may come to me in tears and declare, "Chuck, I do love God, and I want to
walk with Him, but I have failed to obey, my flesh is so weak. My desires for
God are right, I want to live with Him, I have failed to obey. Today I feel so
far from God, I see His ideal, I long for Him, I need Him."
He is still as close as your mought and heart. "For if thou shalt confess
with thy mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe.. thou shalt be saved."
God is very near, salvation is very close.

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