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Never lose sight of the responsibility to be carried as a parent.
Keep the spiritual welfare and interests of the child uppermost.
Be more concerned to build character and integrity in the child than to make him merely acceptable to others.
Seek to keep the atmosphere of the home free from strife and tension.
Strive to keep the channel of communication open between the parent and the child.
Encourage what is right and don't be afraid to commend what is commendable.
Be consistent in discipline.
Beware of undermining the child's confidence in those who are given responsibility in helping him.
Guard closely your child's entertainment.
Don't expect the Sunday school or the Bible school to make up for the deficiency of the home.
Teach respect for authority.
Place as much confidence and trust in the child as you safely can.
Strive to give the child something worthwhile to challenge him.
Seek to find the path that is safest.
Don't let the demands of life crowd out the time needed to be devoted to your family.
Give the child the feeling that he has your interest and support.
Surround the family with prayer and example.

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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