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Text Sermons : K.P. Yohannan : Pray with a thankful heart

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He answers prayer not based on how great or mighty or holy we are. No. It is His grace. ¬ď[Nothing] shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord¬Ē (Romans 8:39). This truth needs to be drilled into our hearts and minds if we are to have a confident, effective prayer life.

Pray with a thankful heart. Be committed to thank Him for what He has done, for who He is and for what He will do. Praise Him. Give Him glory. Say, ¬ďLord, let Your name be praised. Hallowed be Thy name. May Your name be lifted up.¬Ē

When you come before the Lord, look back and see what He has already done for you and thank Him for all that. Look for ward also to see what the Lord has prom ised to do and thank Him in advance for what He will do.

Pray remembering your relationships with others. ¬ďAnd forgive us our debts, as we for give our debtors¬Ē (Matthew 6:12). When you pray, make sure there is no bitterness, anger or unforgiveness in your heart toward anyone. This is very important. If you have these sort of feelings, ask the Lord to give you true forgiveness and love for the indi vidual. Ask the Lord to help you love him as He loves him.

Be specific in your prayers. Matthew 6:11 says, ¬ďGive us this day . . .¬Ē Ask Him for exactly what you need. What do you need today to sustain His work and accomplish His will? Don¬ít pray in general terms. Have specific things that you want God to answer. Tell Him the name and place. Let Him know who, what, where and so forth. Tell God specifically. Don¬ít tell Him how to answer, but be specific in what the needs are.

Pray with a burden. Breakthrough in prayer comes through a heart that has been burdened by the Holy Spirit. Read Nehemiah 1. Nehemiah was so burdened that he could not even regulate his own expression and emotion because of the grief he had over the suffering of God’s people

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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