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Text Sermons : ~Other Speakers M-R : Old Paths Magazine - Issue 16 : The Cross and Revival by Jesse Penn-Lewis

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IF WE LOOK BACK AT the messages of the preceding meetings we can see why Revival comes into view at this juncture. In the Revival in Wales the outstanding theme was the message of Calvary. It is only when we see the Cross as the centre, and the basis of all the working of the Holy Spirit that Revival becomes possible.

Their True Spiritual State

Alas! that so many to-day should be deceived as to their true spiritual state, by the effort made in many churches to appeal to the sensuous, and the natural love of the beautiful, through beautiful music, and attractive singing, which will count for nothing in eternity. If it is true that "God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit", of what avail is all the sensuous worship caused through the soothing, or satiating of soul-desires, with no real knowledge of God or His gospel? Let us see to it ourselves that our worship of God is in spirit, and in truth.

As we have seen, the chief peril of Revival is, that when God begins to work in abnormal power, the counterfeiter has his opportunity. It is then that, what a writer in America calls 'the high order spirits', the religious spirits, that 'hover upon the Alps of the spiritual life', hover about those who are entering realms of the spirit they have never known before. Not the gross and repulsive spirits, but refined and beautiful spirits, are the ones most to be feared. When Paul said that Satan had transformed himself into an 'angel of light', he plainly meant that Satan can appear to be light when he himself is all darkness. He can give 'flashes of light' and 'floods of light', and fill a room with light. Can you tell when they are from the enemy?

The Lord’s Return

The question may be asked whether, in view of the Lord's Return, we are to pray for, or expect, Revival. There is, undoubtedly, at the present time an awakening of prayer for 'Revival', for the conviction is growing that the only alternative to 'Revolution' is 'Revival' or the Lord's Coming. The history of the French Revolution, and how England was saved from a similar upheaval by the Revival through Wesley, is referred to by many, and it is historically true that again and again when England seemed as much in the dark as Darkest Africa, God intervened in answer to the cry of His people.

But "THE COMING OF THE LORD DRAWETH NIGH." Whether 'Revival' will precede that glorious event or follow it, we do not know. The Apostle Peter's word at Pentecost, that the outpouring then given was only an earnest of the fulfilment of Joel's prophecy for the latter days, is sufficient to show that 'Revival' is now due, whether it comes before, or as a result of the Lord's Coming. In either case we can pray for it, and prepare the way for it, whether we shall be in it, or out of it, by being "absent from the body, and present with the Lord".

?Jesse Penn-Lewis (1861–1927) - A missionary and evangelist used of God during the times of the Welsh Revival, know for the book: “War On The Saints.”

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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