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Text Sermons : A Collection of Hymns : DEAR JESUS, CANST THOU HELP ME?

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Dear Jesus, canst Thou help me?
My soul is full of woe;
My heart is almost breaking,
I’ve nowhere else to go.


I’ve nowhere else to go,
Dear Jesus, but to Thee,
And so I lift my voice and cry,
Have mercy, Lord on me.
Have mercy, Lord, on me.
Have mercy, Lord on me
And so I lift my voice and cry,
Have mercy, Lord on me.

I feel I am a sinner,
And this my only plea,
The sweet and blessèd assurance,
That Thou hast died for me.


I’ve heard there is a fountain,
Where cleansing waters flow;
My sins though red like crimson,
May now be white as snow.


Thy blood doth fill that fountain,
Thy blood so pure and free;
That blood availed for others,
And now avails for me.


Dear Jesus, loving Savior;
Thou precious dying Lamb,
Where here my faith is pleading;
Now take me as I am.

Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival.
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