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Text Sermons : F.B. Meyer : HOW MAY WE GET THIS ANOINTING?

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Now a step further. You say to me: "Sir, tell me how I may get this power myself."
I will. I know a little of it, thank God, and I hope as the years pass that I may know more and more. This truth has revolutionized my life.
Any mechanic knows this law to be true: obey the law of a force, and the force will obey you. I repeat it: obey the law of a force, and that force will obey you. Take water, force. I cannot make water do my will until I understand the law upon which it works. If I want water to go up hill, I must study the law by which water seeks its own level; and if I construct my machinery to obey the law of falling water, then having obeyed the law of water, water will obey me. What has Edison been doing for the last twenty years in his laboratory? He has been studying the law of electricity, and having studied the law upon which electricity works, he has constructed his machinery to obey that law; and ever since he perfected his obedience, electricity has been his slave, and there is nothing he cannot make electricity perform if only he is patient and wise enough" to understand the method on which electricity will work.
I once asked some men this very profound question: " When was there more electricity in the world --now, or away back a hundred years?"
They all said there was more electricity in the world to-day than there had ever been before. Poor fools they must have been to come to such a conclusion. Why, before Adam stepped the sward of Paradise there was as much electricity in the cloud, in the air, and in nature as there is to-day, only man did not understand the law of electricity, and therefore electricity would not obey his summons. There was plenty of electricity, but men never used it.
So is it with the Holy Spirit. There is as much Holy Spirit power in your little village church, my brother, as there is in the largest tabernacle in the country, and the mistake of your life has been that you have never yet learned the law of the Holy Ghost; for if you had, the Holy Ghost would have come flowing through your life as much as through the life of a Peter or a John. You seem to think that God is a God of favoritism. You seem to think that God has His chosen favorites whom He endues with the Holy Ghost here and there, whilst all the rest are left to take their chance. I admit that the gifts of the living Christ are given on His sovereign decision, but the power of the Holy Ghost is FOR EVERYONE, for you.
Now let me tell you briefly the conditions on which, if you obey them, you may at this minute and from now be able to--I was going to say, but perhaps it is too startling,--to command the Holy Ghost. I think I will say that, however, because God says: "Of the work of My hand command ye Me." And if a man will obey God to the uttermost, he may command the power of God at any moment.
Now what are these conditions? They are as far as I know five. If you discover another, let me know.

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