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Occasionally someone will say,"Our pastor never stops to visit in our
home." If the pastor never stops at your home, you probably should thank
God. It means death has not struck, that no serious illnesses have laid
you low, that the surgeon's knife has not been necessary, that you have
had no serious family problem, or that you are not a spiritually
delinquent member. As a rule, your pastor does not have time for "social
calls." It is not that he doesn't want to nor that he would not enjoy
doing so, it is simply a matter of priorities.....putting first things
first. Your pastor does not have time to do everything he would like to
do. However, you may be sure of this: your pastor is willing to come to
the hospital, or your home, the jail, the street corner, or anywhere at
any hour of the day or night when he is needed. Call him if you need him.
Otherwise, he will not know of your need until it is too late. For the
moment, thank God you have not needed him. One day you will need him and
he will be there when you call. Now he is visiting with someone else who
does need him. -Source unknown-

Aunt Mary, fell flat for the new Pastor Spratt,
His scholarship surely did win her.
His ethical spiel had a pull and appeal
For this dear, simple gullible sinner.
Why the Bible had errors! Black hell with its terrors,
She could see now, was nothing but libel.
So with scissors and knife, with anger quite rife,
She proceeded to doctor her Bible.
So Jonah and the whale(?)and the "Genesis tale,"
The "folklore" and "myth" were extracted.
She cut and she clipped, she erased, tore and snipped,
As she list to those essays protracted.
But now she must quit, and quietly sit
And gaze at her pastor lover.
Of her Bible bereft, she has nothing left
But a MAP, two fly-leaves and a COVER. P. K. Kadey

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