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For young preachers
1. Endeavor to preach without notes
2. Avoid repetition
3. Be natural( be yourself)
4. Make a clearly defined outline
5. Wisely choose your illustrations
6. Carefully prepare your introduction that you might capture the
audience's attention.
7. Be sure your own heart has been well prepared. -- Dr. Iver Powell --
Length of Preaching
A young preacher once asked another person after one of his earliest
sermons, "Did I preach too long?" The friend's response was this: "You
did not preach too long but you talked too much after you stopped
preaching." Source Unknown
A preacher who was popular with his congregation explained his successes
as the result of a silent prayer he prayed each time he entered the
pulpit. It went like this: "Lord fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff, and
nudge me when I've said enough." -School Activities-
Love In Preaching
"An awful lot of preaching misses the mark because it proceeds from love
of preaching, not love of people."
"Some preach the truth and don't have love. Some preach love and don't
have the truth. Get the mixture right. The truth will keep you from
dissolving into sentimentality; love will keep you from hardening into
severity." --Dr. Vance Havner--

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