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"Make Jesus your theme! I have seen preachers espouse causes and champion
movements, and when the cause died and the movement collapsed, the
preacher vanished too. But, the man who glories in Christ never grows
stale." The Vance Havner Quote Book

Inscribed on the cornerstone of a large fashionable church was the text:
"But we preach Christ crucified." As the years passed by, vines grew up
around it until all that was visible were the words, "But we preach."
Ironically, this was a sad commentary on the deteriorating ministry of
that church, for the pastor spoke only of social issues and no longer
mentioned the crucified, risen Savior. -Origin Unknown-

"The gospel has been preached at times as though it were a funeral; at
other times like it were a frolic. Our Lord preached it as a feast. That
combines the solid, substantial, satisfaction of the soul with gladness
and rejoicing." --Dr. Vance Havner--

"You may speak to the multitude on some flashy theme of momentary
interest, but speak of a closer walk with God and most of your hearers
will move on to the next sensation."
--Dr. Vance Havner

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