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(10 Keys To Unlock Total Victory Over Sin)
(By Robert Wurtz II)


For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?
(I John 5:4-5)

The average Christian lives well below what that name implies. Christ died on the cross so that believers can walk and live in victory over sin experiencing the love of Christ and sharing that love one with another. Genuine Christians walk in the Spirit and in so doing fulfill the laws of God. The blood of Jesus Christ purges their conscience from dead works allowing them to approach unto God and walk with God continually without fear. God’s design for New Testament Christianity is that His Saints walk before Him full of the Holy Spirit and with a clear conscience. When Christians walk with God in accordance to what He purchased for us on the cross, they do not live from day to day with their conscience pointing out sin to them because they are in submission to the Holy Spirit and have put away those sins. They walk in victory over sin and their conscience is clear. In this state they have confidence towards God. When they ‘dabble’ in sin or entertain thoughts of sinning the conscience rises up in them like a scorpion and the sting of it can last for days or weeks- even after we have “repented.” Actually when we really repent- the conscience will lie down and give us rest. The conscience is that unaffiliated member of our being that God uses to steer us according to what is right and wrong. It speaks on God’s behalf. If it is not at rest you will have no rest. If your conscience condemns you- you will desire to flee from God. The Holy Spirit then comes along side and turns that guilt aside to lead you back to God- through Holy Ghost conviction. The Devil will use the conscience to drive you from God through condemnation.

What Gratifies You?

Our Lord Jesus Christ came into the world that the works of the Devil would be destroyed (I John 3:8). Christ loves righteousness and hates iniquity and we ought to also. Christians need to realize that sin at its core is rebellion against God. Breaking the commandments of Christ gratifies the carnal man; this is the carnal man’s ‘meat’ (sustenance). The spiritual man is gratified and edified by hearing the commandments of Christ and walking in them by the power of the Holy Spirit; this is the spiritual man’s ‘meat’ (sustenance). Christ told the disciples that His ‘meat’ was to do the will of the Father that sent Him. This starts out in a newborn believer’s life as a desire for the ‘milk’ of God’s word. The milk is the simple commandments of God that serve to cause spiritual growth in those newborn believers that hear and DO them. It is not ‘meat’ (sustenance) until you are a doer of the work. Water baptism, for example, is the first real commandment that the Lord gives new believers. It is the first real opportunity to partake of the ‘milk’ of God’s word. When the new believer hears of water baptism and they are truly born again- they will desire, like Christ, to fulfill all righteousness and do the will of their heavenly Father. We, as Christians, were in times past gratified by rebellion against God, which was the characteristic of those who were of their father the Devil (which we once were)- but now we hunger and thirst after righteousness in harmony with the new found nature of God that we have as a result of our born again experience. Our opportunity to grow as Christians comes when we hear the work of God and do it. Righteousness is fulfilled when the commandment is heard and then obeyed. How much easier can a commandment be than to simply be baptized in water? This is why it is called the ‘milk’- it takes no real spiritual growth to do it; only a hunger and thirst to exercise their new found faith by believing and obeying what they hear to be God’s will. This is the first step and then God commands us to be filled with the Spirit. This is not difficult as some have made it- it is the natural work of the Holy Spirit for those who have turned to God with all their heart.

God’s Will is TOTAL VICTORY!

Victory as it is defined by Vine’s Expository Dictionary means to conquer, overcome, and prevail. From Genesis 3:15 to Revelation 15:2 God has promised that the saints will conquer, overcome, and prevail. Some have argued that victory will not come until God raises the saints from the grave at the first resurrection; so there is little need to be as the Apostle Paul and as he says, “Press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus.” Some feel no real need to simply live a life of dedication and holiness. Freedom from the penalty of sin is all they desire, and exert little effort in being freed from the power of sin. Although God will never take away our power TO sin, He is ready and willing to free us from the power OF sin.

God has freed us from the power of sin in such a way that the Devil is left to seduce us into submitting our liberty back to Him again and re-entangling us in a web of sin from which we were once freed. This is generally the result of a person refusing to change their life style and living environment because of the love for the pleasures and cares of this life. It can also happen when devilish or lukewarm teachers and ministers are leading the people and preach a message that is tainted with their compromise. If the minister has sin in their life they will lack the boldness to stand for righteousness and holiness and they will pretend to sympathize with sinners in compassion when in reality it is their own conscience that is making a coward out of them. Others highhandedly teach that a mixture of worldliness and Christianity will suffice and thus wound every soul they teach. The New Living Translation captures this in its rendering of II Peter 22:18-22. Here we read, “They brag about themselves with empty, foolish boasting. With lustful desire as their bait, they lure back into sin those who have just escaped from such wicked living. They promise freedom, but they themselves are slaves to sin and corruption. For you are a slave to whatever controls you. And when people escape from the wicked ways of the world by learning about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and then get tangled up with sin and become its slave again, they are worse off than before. It would be better if they had never known the right way to live than to know it and then reject the holy commandments that were given to them. They make these proverbs come true: "A dog returns to its vomit," and "A washed pig returns to the mud."

Fortifying Yourself Against Sin

There is a certain allurement that takes place whether a person is deceived by a false teaching or a demonic spirit (early on and sometimes even in their latter stages of spiritual growth) that seeks to draw a person back into the rebellious lifestyle of sinful gratification. Sin to a genuine believer is sometimes enticing, but is always the source of great vexation and troubling of the conscience when committed. Sin (rebellion against God) is not natural for a Christian. Christians do not have an appetite for sin when they are right with God; but the lukewarm find themselves in a perpetual state of temptation and bondage. They are locked in a continual state of fighting with their inner desires. A lukewarm person desires sin as much as righteousness- and the world as much as the Kingdom of God. They are halting between two opinions. They have again become entangled with the snaring appetite for sin that they were once free from.

When a person sets sin before their eyes they are one-step from gratifying the fleshly-carnal appetites. The famous last words of a backsliding Christian is, “I can handle it.” They think they can handle sin and enticements and end up tangled in them. Christians should NEVER lay sinful desires before their eyes. They see the sin and lust begins to build towards that sin. Soon it conceives and brings forth sin and in the end it is death. When the will decides to try out some of what it sees- the appetite for sin is awakened again and the cycle of feeding begins. The carnal sinful man is never full. It is like scratching a ravenous itch for relief- it only spreads the misery. So to, when a newborn Christian feeds themselves sin- the appetites immediately come into conflict. And when this happens it takes a touch from God to recover yourself out of that snare of the devil. Some just go on- never growing up- subjecting their carnal man to a buffet of worldliness and sin and the spiritual man gets a pathetic ‘devotional’ every few weeks and a little obedience until all they really are is a double minded man that is unstable in all of their ways. How wretched and abominable in the eyes of God is this? Jesus said it- I would prefer that you were cold or hot- but since you are lukewarm I will spew you out of my mouth.

God has given us the keys to unlock TOTAL VICTORY in our lives that this cycle of defeat and powerless misery might be stopped once and for all. When we take hold of God’s word and get obedient to what He tells us we will put sin and Satan under our feet, rather than we being under his. We will tread upon all power of the enemy. We will see God pour out of His Spirit upon us until we become mighty weapons in His hand. We will turn away His fierce anger that kindles with jealousy every time we turn aside to sin and worldliness.

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